We guarantee efficient customs service, in this first of all a customs procedure on the basis of trained staff. We provide customs advice in the field of international trading.

We offer individual solutions for individual customer needs. Our Customs Agents are always available to help and advise you in choosing a preferred option of customs clearance.

Our customs agency can make the customs authorities of all activities provided for in the customs legislation, in particular:

we provide service account for VAT as an import VAT-7 (Take advantage of the opportunity to make customs clearance with delayed taxes, which allows to perform customs clearance without payment of VAT),

we meet the requirements from Tax Act on goods and services, we do our service in accordance with the requirements of Art.18d §1 of the Act, where the customs clearance of import takes place directly as intercommunity supply to another EU country than Poland (4200 procedure),

we have permition for simplified procedure,

import, export, ICS , ECS , T1, T2,

comprehensive service of customs clearance,

customs clearance,

temporary admission, inward processing , passive,


temporary storage,

public customs warehouse

INTRASTAT procedure

preparation of INTRASTAT declarations for intracommunity supplies and acquisition of goods

fulfillment of export and import documents JDA SAD

fulfillment of certificates of origin, EUR.1

filling of documents DWC , CMR , CIM , Lorry and the other

filling of excise declaration ( AKC-U,AKC-R)

pricing of goods